We are always looking for more universities and clients to work together with.

We have ambitions to operate with universities all around Europe as well as the rest of the world. All our partners must reach our limits of standards and quality and we will only work with universities that offer educational programs that after graduation are valid in Scandinavia and Europe as a whole. If you feel like your university upholds these standards and you are interested in working with us, then don’t hesitate to call.

The programs we are most inclined to add to our lists are those with some foundation in the healthcare sector. However, if we find that any other program is interesting enough based on demand from the market and the quality of the university we will consider to expand, and add these programs as well.

Our services:

A complete service of helping students find your university through marketing and search optimizations.

Help to guide your students to a program that is right for them based on qualifications and interests.

Manage and collect all documentation and other bureaucratic requirements from the students and make sure their applications are complete.

Support the students in moving to a new country and help with everything from emotional support to juridical requirements.