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Please note that the application requirements may vary depending on what program and university you are applying to. Make sure you send in all the required information so that your application is taken to consideration.

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The admission process for university can be very different depending on the country, and if it is a public or a private university. This may mean that the university take some time to review your application, and in some cases the deadline may even change. We understand that this may feel very stressful and we receive a lot of questions about when the acceptance letter is due and unfortunately all we can say is that is depends from process to process.

*If you have any special reson or requirements do not hesitate to give us a call and we will do our best to press your application to the university.

*At the bottom of this page you can find all our universities if you have any doubts or questions during the application process


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    Universidad Europea

    Universidad Europea Madrid

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    CEU (Centro de Estudios Universitarios)

    Universidad San Pablo

    Gasma – Gastronomy & Culinary Management Campus

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    LSMU – Lithuanian University of Health Sciences