‘D’octor, ‘EN’gineer, ar’TIST’ = Dentist, maybe a bit of a cliché when it comes to dentistry but it is still a very relevant saying.

Dentists are medical professionals who specialize in head, jaw, neck, and teeth.

Many times dentists are and dentistry is simplified to mean the person cleaning teeth, but in fact, these professionals are medical experts in their own field of expertise. To testify this there are today NGO (None Government Organisations) who have a high demand for dentists to travel abroad and help people all around the world because of the importance of face, teeth and jaw treatments. Organizations such as these will always be very interested in dentists in general but dentists who have international experience are very sought after. If you want to make an impact on the world then study for a better future is the right partner for you.

Combine working with your hands and studying theory from reading

All our university partners combine hands-on working facilities with both fake jaws as practise equipment as well as in the later stages of the education real patients to help the students master the day to day work of a dentist. Besides this, they put a heavy emphasis on the theoretical knowledge of their lectures to give the student a firm grasp of the whole profession.