One of the most hardworking, dedicated and under-appreciated professions in the world, nurses are also more than often strong, self-sufficient, and pride themselves in knowing that what they do is making the world a better place. So while studying to become a nurse why not see some of that world at the same time?

Hardworking, dedicated, wanting to make a difference in the world? Then nursing is for you!

Nursing has traditionally been a woman-dominated profession however this is changing rapidly! With new tasks combined with a more modern take on society, nursing studies have become highly sought after education for everyone.

Nursing studies are some of the most popular and appreciated studies we at study for a better future provide.

We are for this very happy and pride ourselves on knowing that we are helping the healthcare sector with new dedicated students as well as helping so many of our students fulfill their dreams of exploring and experiencing a beautiful new country.


The degree programme Nursing aims at training nurses who understand the principles, theories and methods of nursing, have broad knowledge of nursing science, and who are able to independently and critically evaluate the nursing needs of healthy persons and chronically ill people with different somatic and mental health diseases, and develop a greater sense of both personal and professional value systems.

what you will learn each year


Humanitarian-Social Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Health Care, Nursing Techniques


Environment and Health Sciences, Nursing, Basics of Clinical Subjects


Adult Nursing, Pedagogic Module, Nursing Administration and Research Work


Special Nursing, Geriatric Nursing, Final Clinical Practice Examination, Preparation and Defence of Bachelor’s Thesis