Studying psychology is not only having classmates who tell ‘yo mama jokes’, there is some Freud as well

To study the Degree in Psychology at the European University:

is to receive a totally personalized training while you learn your profession through an innovative and interprofessional training model, which offers a global vision of the profession.

You receive very practical training based on the resolution of real clinical cases.
You combine theoretical and practical knowledge and complete with professional skills that make you a psychology professional better prepared to help people.
Thanks to a pioneering methodology in Spain, you share activities with students from other health disciplines to learn to work in multidisciplinary teams as you will do in the professional field.
You can take a Degree in Psychology in Spanish or English. And you will also have the opportunity to study part of your studies at universities around the world.
You will reinforce your abilities with clinical practices with patients in external centers.
Thanks to the teaching staff formed by psychologists of recognized prestige, you will be able to develop your full potential.
Specialize in the area of applied psychology that most appeals to you: Health Psychology or Legal and Forensic Psychology.