The veterinary is a medical professional who specializes not only in the anatomy of one animal but in many. From guinea pigs to horses and of course cats and dogs veterinaries know and love them all. As a veterinary, you work not only with pets but also with farm animals. You will become an expert in everything from diagnosing the animals to surveying the food stores for nutritional values, parasites, and mould.

Lithuanian University of health sciences – LSMU

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is the only institution in Lithuania to award master’s degrees and qualifications in veterinary surgery and professional food safety. Graduates are able to practice in private and state institutions. Veterinary doctors can diagnose animal diseases, treat animals, apply prophylactic measures, monitor the transfer of animal diseases and food chain safety, conduct research and present their knowledge, solve complex veterinary-related problems, as well as apply gained abilities and knowledge in different activities and further self-education. Food safety managers can analyze and assess the safety aspects of food products and raw materials in relation to human health, covering the entire food chain. They design and manage food safety control systems in the manufacturing process and are familiar with general quality control and management systems.

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine has 75 years of deeply rooted traditions in teaching veterinary professionals. Students are offered very convenient facilities: the classrooms, laboratories and clinics are located in one area, and the dormitories are also nearby. The faculty has numerous agreements with the food industry, animal clinics, pharmaceutical companies and establishments where students can gain practical skills.
The Faculty consists of 4 departments, 2 animal clinics and the Pathology Centre and presently has more than 1,300 students. Veterinary medicine undergraduate courses are available to international students in English and the food safety undergraduate programme offered in English from the 1st of September, 2012.