Social media

We want all our student to feel like they are a part of a bigger community. You may all be students of different universities around Europe but you are all Study for a better future students as well. For that reason, we have decided to create Facebook groups to help us reach more transparency of our company and services as well as help you get in contact with other “SFABF”-students.

Please view these groups as owned and operated by you and your fellow students. Use these groups in any way you feel is beneficial for yourself and our student community as a whole. If you are confused, if you wonder, or have questions about anything then we are sure other students feel the same way, therefore we would request you to ask these questions openly as well as answer them the same. Let conversations take place in the comment fields and please refrain from private messages. We are and will operate as moderator of the groups but we will mostly just make sure that the groups are clear of any spam and trolls, as well as read and take all feedback you give to heart.

We want your help to make our community grow, together we can give the next generation of students, your future friends a better experience when using our services.