Scholarships and Financial Aid

International students can apply for a place in the Erasmus mobility program. From the second year in the University (BMC year excluded), excellent students may apply for a scholarship that may reach 20% of the tuition fee.

The Registrar’s Office will automatically forward the results of the students who achieved a stipend index of 4.50 or higher in the previous semester to the Committee. There is no need for the students to submit an application for the tuition fee reduction. It is the student’s responsibility to check the grade average of his/her closed semester before the registration period.

Canadian Scholarships and Financial Aid:

Scholarships Canada
Canadian Bureau for International Education
International Scholarship Programs by Canadian Government

Scholarships and loans offered by certain provinces:

Ontario Scholarships
Ontario Student Assistant Program

Scholarships and bursaries

British Columbia
British Columbia scholarships
Provincial government student aid


Manitoba scholarships
Provincial government student aid

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Scholarships
Provincial student assistance