I’m from Argentina, lived in Sweden since 2013, and actually studying and living in Madrid. I have had the need to get a university titulation to continue growing up in personal and work area. Spanish is my native language and Study for a Better Future gave me this great opportunity to connect with the Psychology program in one of the most prestigious European universities, mixing my education in Spanish and English.
SFABF staff was fantastic with their advice since my start to find a university. I contacted them through Studentum. At the first time, Anna helped me with the application and docs that the university requires, giving me support and patience over time the bureaucratic documents take.
Later on, the admission examines and move to the destiny Richard was a great advisor replying all the beginner questions about the university administrative process. Sometimes waiting for the financing response can be stressful but I received from SFABF enthusiasm and energy in each step!
Now running my days at Universidad Europea de Madrid I don’t have enough words to say THANKS for living my dream of study in an international academic environment, with teachers of high pedagogical and human level, meeting wonderful people in one of the warmest and hospitable countries to live.