It is tough to move abroad, but in the end, choosing to study abroad and taking that step together with my soulmate is the best decision of my life!

I can now remember how everything was quite irritating in the beginning with a Hospitality app that did not seem to work correctly and all the routines to get settled in a new country. Besides this the structure and routines in Spain compared to Sweden will get to you and it will to a start feel quite chaotic however as a teacher told me the stress is going to either come now or when you start to work. Something I can both agree with to some extent even if I want to counter it. It may be good for learning to manage stress but at the same time, it is harder to find the motivation to learn during these irritations.

It is really tough to move abroad as a start but slowly every day you start to get acclimated to the culture and differences and before you know it something that has been bugging you is now closer to a ‘shiatsu massage’.
Despite all worried, we have both managed our studies perfectly. Even if we have had to experience completely different teachers and professors, some who have a strong passion for their job and some others who are less likely to care. In the end, taking the leap to move abroad together with my soulmate is the best thing I have ever done.