Global School for Entrepreneurship

About Global School for Entrepreneurship

In any given year millions of entrepreneurs start their own companies. At most universities students are being taught to come up with an amazing business opportunity, to convince investors and hit a home run straight from their school benches. Sometimes even worse, students have to finish their boring curriculum first. Research tells us that this works for only 0,2% of first-year start-ups. At Global School for Entrepreneurship, we consider it our challenge to educate and facilitate the other 99,8% effectively. This made us rethink entrepreneurship education and solve the puzzle. We decided to do some things a little different:

  • Offer students incubation services from day 1.
  • Design the modules to facilitate their venture creation process.
  • Students shouldn’t be limited to one city.
  • Entrepreneurial people have short attention spans.
  • Nonpassionate lecturers with irrelevant content are fuel for disengagement.
  • Every student entrepreneur is unique.

Why Global School for Entrepreneurship

Global School for Entrepreneurship offers entrepreneurial education to entrepreneurial students. Meaning: teaching students to think, decide and act as an expert entrepreneur. What makes our approach to education different is that we at Global School for Entrepreneurship offer programs to small groups of diversified students, with a personal approach in an international setting and connecting students with successful business people and startups. Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs are welcomed to the in-house incubator from day 1.

Rethinking education; practice supported by content
All content and modules are designed to facilitate the entrepreneurial mindset, to encourage their personal development and to stimulate them to give a contribution to the circular economy. So at the end of the three- or four-year journey, students will not only have gained their bachelor degree, but they will also have built a venture and become a global citizen. Not all students, however, chose to create their own venture; they want to build a resume with relevant internships.

Building experiences; travelling, venture development & education
At Global School for Entrepreneurship students are facilitated to combine travelling, studying and working in all of Europe’s hottest cities; Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Florence, Rome and Paris. In these cities, students are connected to students of local Universities, local start-ups and inspirational established organizations.
All to facilitate students to unleash and grow their full entrepreneurial potential in the most inspirational way possible.

Important reasons why you should apply through us!

It’s 100% FREE

Yes, it’s totally free, no catches. We get our commission from the educator, so there is no reason for you to pay us anything extra. You’ll have enough costs, don’t you agree?

We have a contact person in the university

Through our agreement with the university, we have the luxury of having our own contact person inside the university. It means you’ll only need to have one person from our end solving all your needs. No need for you to talk to different people every time you call the university!

We have experience

We have helped hundreds of students get into different international universities. We know the drill. You will be speaking to one of our experienced supervisors who will personally help you get through the process stress-free!

Student groups

Through the years, we have been very successful in connecting our students through facebooks groups. You will find other international students who are in the same shoes as you are. In our groups, new and former students discuss everything from sharing accommodation to catching up on the next party! Why don’t you join?

How to apply

1. Choose your program

Try entrepreneurship in 90 days

Join our try 90 days program to discover whether you have what it takes to become an entrepreneur.

In 90 days, you will be facilitated in discovering whether your business idea can find traction in the market. You will achieve this through:

  1. Learning agile working methods to realize results in quick succession
  2. Learning the founding principles of the Entrepreneurial Mindset, as encaptured within Effectuation theory
  3. Learning what it takes to create value and make sales.

In doing so you will:

  • Use project management tools such as SCRUM (a highly desired skill for corporates)
  • Practice the Effectuation principles by applying them on your own business (idea)
  • Discover whether your business idea finds traction in the market through validation, hopefully even earn back your investment and leave with your own business and the capabilities and knowledge of how to create a startup.

Don’t have a business idea yet? NO PROBLEM, we will help.

Alongside the three courses, you will also receive personal coaching by one of our coaches that also teaches our BSc. students!


8 hours of direct learning combined with supervised self-directed activities. Topics related to local business, culture, sport, history, norms & values and language

For eight months you will be travelling, learning, self-reflecting, experiencing new cultures, making new friends and enjoying life! This GAP year will be a transformational lifetime experience!

Travel throughout Europe and discover four of its greatest cities.

Each destination has a topic and a stay of two months. In Amsterdam, you will discover your entrepreneurial DNA in the company of delicious Dutch pancakes and wooden shoes. In Paris, you will unleash your creativity with the inspiration of cheese and wine. In Berlin, you will get immersed in the Digital World and the urban décor of bratwurst and beer. Finally, in Italy, you will find yourself and celebrate this discovery with some great pizza & pasta!


You will experience the excellent accommodation opportunities offered by our partner, The Student Hotel.

This means that you will be in the middle of an international and diverse group of students which will allow you to gain even more insight into all different kinds of studies; further helping you in discovering what has your interest.

Create your startup and get a Bachelor degree – 4 years

  • Every module takes five weeks and that’s the only module you have to focus on those five weeks.
  • With the profiling modules, you can tailor your modules to what suits you and your interests.
  • Our faculty all have an entrepreneurial background.
  • You get to start, further develop and grow your own business, from day 1. We are in the heart of the major startup scenes and can connect you to leading corporates through our network.
  • The curriculum is designed with you in mind. We have worked with over 25,000 startups and our bachelor is what they said they missed during their educational experience.
  • We don’t believe in memory testing – we test application
  • We have partnered with The Student Hotel, which means you can travel and study around Europe while you are in school because we offer a tailored distance learning approach and we have a deal for you with The Student Hotels in all of Europe’s major cities!

Study Fees & Details


  • Our partnership with the Student Hotel allows us to facilitate the creation of your entrepreneurial dreams all over Europe. We will actively connect you to companies and local start-up scenes and entrepreneurs.
  • Of course, if you prefer to stay in Amsterdam that is fine with us too. However, we believe you should embrace the opportunity to travel and work all over Europe as much as possible.
  • It will grow your culture savviness and make you a global citizen. Through the Student Hotel, we assured that this amazing experience is possible under the same housing contract and conditions as in Amsterdam!
  • Every Student Hotel location will have the same high standards of living, co-working and learning conditions. And there are always rooms available for friends and family to visit you, no matter what city you are, Paris, Berlin, Lisbon, Florence, Amsterdam. The choice will be yours.
  • Housing in Amsterdam is super, super difficult. Through our partnership with The Student Hotel, we were able to reserve a limited amount of rooms for our students. So, if you want to come and study in Amsterdam, connect with us fast.
  • If you want to save money, we can also help you find housing elsewhere. Staying in the Student Hotel is very comfortable, save and fun, however it is not mandatory. Please let us know asap if you need housing.


2. Send in Required documents

  • Copy of your passport
  • Your resume (CV)
  • Your motivation letter
  • High school diploma (translated in Dutch or English)
  • High school grades (translated in Dutch or English)
  • IELTS Certificate (or similar certificate)