Lithuanian University of Health Sciences

Since 1990, LSMU has been the Alma Mater of many international students and 550 full-time foreign students from 42 countries (mainly Israel, Spain, Sweden, Lebanon, Poland, India, South Korea, Germany, Ireland and the United  Kingdom) are currently enrolled here.

Students of medicine, odontology and nursing gain their practical skills at the Hospital of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, which is the largest medical institution in the Baltic States. More than 1,200 highly qualified doctors and 2,400 members of the nursing staff take care of over 78,000 patients at the LSMU Hospital each year. The entire medical staff values innovative and progressive methods of treatment and diagnostics, which meet global standards.

Students seeking to become veterinary doctors obtain their practical skills in large and small animal clinics and operating rooms of the Veterinary Academy.

LSMU is an active participant in the ERASMUS exchange programme. Students may study at foreign universities or go abroad for practice for the period up to one year. The contracts of academic exchange have been signed with universities in 26 European countries. The majority of ERASMUS partners are in Germany, Spain, France, Finland and the other EU Member States.

Programs offered to international students