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About Riga Stradins University

Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) has been recognized as the best university with the highest reputation in Latvia, gaining the highest rating among the 10 largest universities in Latvia according to a study of the reputation of Latvian universities conducted by market research company Kantar TNS.

For the 11th year in a row, the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia together with the Ministry of Economics announced the Export and Innovation Award and Rīga Stradiņš University was awarded the title of Export Champion.


Entrance Exam


RSU’s motto is excellence and innovation. Although the University has been named after the capital city of Riga and one of the most prominent figures in Latvian medicine – Professor Pauls Stradiņš, we believe that the abbreviation “RSU” also stands for our values:

Remarkable change and development



Some points that make RSU stands out among other universities are:

  • 27 years of experience in educating international students
  • Close affiliation with leading hospitals in Riga and regions of Latvia
  • Internships at partner hospitals in Germany
  • More than 150 Erasmus+ partner universities
  • Multicultural study environment with students from 50 countries
  • Annual International Student Scientific Conference
  • Low cost of living combined with a high quality of life

A few important reasons why you should apply through us!

It’s 100% FREE

Yes, it’s totally free, no catches. We get our commission from the educator, so there is no reason for you to pay us anything extra. You’ll have enough costs, don’t you agree?

We have a contact person in the university

Through our agreement with the university, we have the luxury of having our own contact person inside the university. It means you’ll only need to have one person from our end solving all your needs. No need for you to talk to different people every time you call the university!

We have experience

We have helped hundreds of students get into different international universities. We know the drill. You will be speaking to one of our experienced supervisors who will personally help you get through the process stress-free!

Student groups

Through the years, we have been very successful in connecting our students through facebooks groups. You will find other international students who are in the same shoes as you are. In our groups, new and former students discuss everything from sharing accommodation to catching up on the next party! Why don’t you join?


The study programme provides a platform for the acquisition of the skills required for examination of a patient’s oral cavity and teeth, identification of dental problems and for undergoing complex dental treatment – restorative treatment of a defective tooth or replacement with a dental implant (dental prosthetics). Students also acquire knowledge on how to analyze clinical cases, solve dental problems and master skills for carrying out dental public health activities.


RSU’s Medicine programme is specifically designed to teach students the core competencies that are required in order to become highly skilled doctors who, upon graduation, are capable of pursuing a wide variety of careers.

This programme is characterized by student cooperation and active engagement in group work. Studies involve working on a series of patient-centred problems, revealing the basic principles that influence human health and disease. Medical knowledge and practical clinical skills are gained by giving students the opportunity to work with patients from the 3rd year onwards.

The Faculty of Medicine offers professional education, and the opportunity to study medicine under the guidance of professors from Latvian universities and hospitals, as well as from abroad. As a student of the “Medicine” programme, you will acquire up-to-date knowledge and skills, which are competitive in Europe and the rest of the world.


The intensive nursing practice already starts in the first study year, allowing to successfully combine theoretical studies and practical training. The placement period is longer than in other universities, is individually-tailored and involves not only observation but actual work with patients. All students are given access to the RSU internal network and students’ portal which contains all study materials – course descriptions, curricula, lecture presentations and other materials, as well as the possibility to have regular and timely communication with lecturers outside lectures and classes. Students are introduced to the best practice of patient safety and care, they are taught to think critically, to solve problems and provide care in a safe and simulated environment, where mistakes do not pose a risk or danger to patients.

Clinical placement is a fundamental part of the study process and is carried out in the main university and regional hospitals and clinics of Latvia.

Within the framework of the study programme students are given the opportunity to acquire the experience and study methods of other countries by participating in the ERASMUS+ student mobility programme, which allows to improve skills in the relevant field and opens up new horizons. Due to the fact that RSU is a scientific university, students can already participate in scientific work from the 1st study year.


An occupational therapist understands the way a person functions, and the interaction between the individual and their environment, assisting patients to regain the ability to continue with their usual daily activities and learn new skills after an accident or illness.

The study programme allows students to acquire the basic disciplines of medicine, theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the selected specialty, by obtaining in-depth knowledge on the assessment of environmental accessibility, readjustment thereof, the practical use of technical aids. For better practical readiness for professional work students undergo clinical placement in hospitals and rehabilitation centres in Latvia.


The study programme aims to provide students with comprehensive knowledge of medicine and human health, preparing qualified and considerate professionals with a can-do attitude towards their work.

During studies at the Faculty of Pharmacy students have to carry out a large amount of laboratory work in groups and individually.


The programme focuses on training highly qualified physiotherapists with an in-depth understanding of physical therapy and the ability to successfully conduct research and further development of the specialty.

The study programme aims to ensure a comprehensive study process and research possibilities: comfortable and well-equipped classrooms and laboratories, e.g. Gait Laboratory, Rehabilitation Research Laboratory offering extensive research possibilities, IT infrastructure, a modern library enabling direct access to global databases and a contemporary Medical Education Technology Centre, other RSU structural units and cooperation partners.


1. Choose your program

2. Send in Required documents

Completed secondary education

To apply for undergraduate study programmes, you must have completed secondary education (secondary/high-school diploma and academic transcript).

RSU require that you have studied several medicine-related subjects in secondary-school for at least two semesters, and acquired a passing grade (we accept both exam grades or final semester grades):

RSU will process your application also if you have studied only Biology or Chemistry, or both subjects.

High School Leaving Documents (usually Diploma and Grades Transcript)

  • If the documents are not issued in English, they have to be provided in the original language and in English.
  • If you send RSU copies (and translations) of your high school leaving documents, they must be notarized or certified by the institution that issued the original document (school/issuing authority).
  •  RSU only accept copies (and translations) certified with original, wet (handwritten) signatures (not photocopied or scanned) and original stamps.
  •  If you studied in a high school outside of the EU/EEA, all high school leaving documents have to be legalized or have to have an Apostille seal on them (depending on the country where you studied).

English language requirements

All applicants, except native English speakers, must demonstrate their English language proficiency by submitting documents that testify their knowledge of English. Preferably you should submit one of the following certificates with a minimum score of:

If none of the above applies but you have studied English at secondary school, the grade from the Secondary School Official Transcript can also be accepted, provided that the grade received is very good or excellent. In case of any doubts, RSU reserves the rights to ask for an official language certificate as listed above.

Two Recommendation Letters

  • RSU only accept originals of the recommendation letters on the official RSU form with original wet (handwritten) signatures (not photocopied or scanned).
  • The form (in both Word and PDF formats) can be found on the RSU website (bottom of the page).
  • The recommendation letters are usually written by teachers, professors, employers etc.
  • RSU does NOT accept recommendation letters written by relatives or friends.

Motivation Letter

  • RSU only accept motivation letters that are issued on the official RSU form.
  • The form (in both Word and PDF formats) can be found on the RSU website (bottom of the page).
  • Explain your motivation to study at RSU and the chosen programme. Include information about personal, professional or academic achievements relevant to your application.

Two Copies of Passport/ID Card

  • EU/EEA citizens have to submit only the picture page of the passport or the national ID card (both sides).
  • Non-EU/EEA citizens have to submit full copies (all pages) of the passport.

Four Photos

  • Standard photos (3×4 cm) on photo paper.
  • Digital photos and photos printed on plain paper are NOT accepted.

EUR 100 Application Fee Receipt

  • Cheques and payments in cash are NOT accepted.
  • The application fee shall be paid to:
  • Recipient: Riga Stradins University
  • Registration No: 90000013771
  • Bank: A/S Swedbank
  • Address: Balasta dambis 1a, Rīga, LV-1048, Latvija
  • Account No (IBAN): LV02 HABA 0551 0003 7605 0
  • Purpose of Payment: Application fee with the name, surname

Also, You need to print the Online Application Printout with your personal/contact/school information from the online application system. Sign it, put a date on it and proceed with other documents listed above, Post them to the University’s Address.

When to apply?

In September 2019 intake RSU plans to admit  200 international students to study programme “Medicine“, 38 international students to study programme “Dentistry” and up to 20 international students in all other programmes that RSU offers in English medium.

The Timeline for September intake:

The timeline for February intake:

Tuition fees for Programs in English

Tuition fees for the academic year 2019/20 in Euros (EUR):

* 10000 EUR for students who have completed the previous 5 academic years at RSU successfully, with good academic standing and without interruptions.
** For applicants with previous university education in health sciences
*** For applicants with previous university education in economics, business management or management science and also with the professional qualification and/or experience in business management.

The tuition fee covers:

  • attendance at scheduled lectures, practical and laboratory classes;
  • attendance at scheduled tutorials held weekly by the teaching staff of the university;
  • testing of acquired knowledge and skills via weekly tests, colloquiums, examinations or final semester tests;
  • use of lecture halls, rooms, laboratories, clinics and equipment during the academic year.
  • The tuition fee includes dental materials for those studying in the study programme “Dentistry”.

Additional payments before you start your studies

  • Application fee: EUR 100.00* (single non-refundable payment);
  • Registration administration fee: EUR 1500.00 (single non-refundable payment), payable in accordance with the provisions of International Study and Research Fund LLC, a daughter enterprise and partner of RSU. The registration administration fee is not required from students who are starting their studies in Master’s degree programmes.