CEU San Pablo University – Multidisciplinary Higher Education

For more than 80 years CEU San Pablo University has been dedicated to helping students on their way to successful future professions. The school offers an extensive range of bachelor’s degrees, double bachelor’s degrees and postgraduate study programs in Spanish…

CEU San Pablo University has an innovative learning programme in which the student takes an active and leading role. This programme follows the model of the most prestigious universities in the world and it provides solid, high-quality training with a clear international vocation.  Thus, our students can enter the world of work in any European country at the end of their degree knowing a new language and culture perfectly, giving them a wide range of possibilities. We also have numerous external internship agreements as well as ones in Spain with institutions in most European Union countries.

In the context of the European framework in which we find ourselves, the internationalisation of CEU San Pablo University is one of our main objectives. We have always seen multinationality and multiculturalism as an enriching factor for university culture. In this regard, the university has actively participated in European exchange programs for teachers and students, internships, postgraduate studies, etc.. Additionally, it has many collaborative agreements and exchanges with European universities and with universities across the rest of the world.

However, our goal goes beyond internationalisation through the implementation of degrees taught in English as well as the incorporation of international students into our degrees taught in Spanish. Along this line, we have found that the CEU San Pablo University is becoming one of the top choices for international English-speaking students who choose to do their university studies abroad and, in particular, in Spain.

Currently over 600 international students have chosen to do their university degree at our University. Many students come from UK, Sweden, Canada, U.S., or New Zealand.

At CEU San Pablo University everyone works to ensure that the international students feel comfortable from their first day both in our classrooms and in the new environment around them. A new city, a new language, a new culture and new teaching methods. Aware of the fact that everything is new to the student, we have created tools to help them make the most of their new surroundings both academically and personally.

All of our university degrees are accredited by the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA) that belongs to the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA). In addition, the curricula of our Veterinary Medicine, the ESET, and Health Sciences faculties follow the 36/2005/EC European Directive on professional qualifications of the European Parliament.

Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture

Start your journey towards an international career in architecture with this five-year degree from University San Pablo – CEU in Madrid.

The degree grants direct access to the regulated profession of an architect in Spain. Thanks to the accreditation of the organization NAAB (National Architectural Accrediting Board), if you decide to exercise your profession in the USA, you will have the same rights as architects who have an American degree in Architecture.

The school encourages the exchange of students with prestigious foreign universities in Spain and abroad (job insertion rate is over 90%).

This degree is offered in English or Spanish.

Programs they offer their international students

We will help you STEP by STEP until you sit at your first lecture!


You’ll first need to let us know which program and university you wish to apply too,  by filling an application through our webpage.

In the application you’ll need to send a copy of your:

  • Final high-school degrees (or predicted degrees)
  • Passport

(It’s OK if you take a clear picture with your phone and send it to us)


You will receive online application forms from us

We have made it easy for you and you only need to fill in and sign them online


  • We will receive your forms automatically, you don’t need to send anything through post.
  • We will make sure you get registered at the program

Online tests

The university will arrange some online tests:

  • English language test (to get an understanding of your english level)
  • Self assessment test (to get a better profile of you as their future student)


The university needs to have telephone or skype interview with you.

We will book you interview.


To guarantee your place at the program you have to pay the university fees!

The ones you need to pay are:

  • ​Registration fee
  • ​Place-reservation fee

Remember, you are not guaranteed a place at the program until you have paid the university!

To be on the safe patch we recommend you to pay all fees ASAP.

Once the fees are paid, you are basically accepted into the program and do not need to worry about anything else.

You will receive information about upcoming monthly payment when you arrive to the University, but remember that you can pay per six months or yearly as well (you’ll have a 2% discount if you pay yearly).

Notarius Publicus

The English version of your final grade and your passport must be certified by your nearest notary (state attorney) in your city. Google it and pay them a visit (Save the receipts from them if you’re intending to apply for governmental funds).

You do not need an “apostle “, only authentication of the certificate and the passport. Once this is arranged, you must also certify your grades at UNED.

Validation of your degrees (UNED)

UNED is the Spanish equivalent of the ministry of education in your country. The certified copies that you now have from the Notary must be approved by the UNED before you can study at a Spanish University.

You can choose to perform the authentication yourself, through a Spanish company (costs at least 300€), or through us for only 200€, but we also offer to do this FOR FREE, if you find at least two friends who also want to start study in Spain.

Make some few calls and save 200€

Remember to save your UNED certificate – the certificate needs to be given to the university upon your arrival.
Deadline to the UNED application is 1st of August

* Regardless any fees to us a registration fee for UNED around 98€ will be added + postal charges to Madrid
*Please note that you’ve to pay the invoice of 200€ for UNED to us even if you intend to introduce 2 new students. Those you introduce need to get accepted by the university and pay all fees before we can refund your 200€.
* Unfortunately we can not give you more discount if you recommend more friends – but instead you’ll have more fun during your time in Spain with your recommended friends.


We will help you find something suitable.

Additional services

We will always be just one phone call away to help and guide you in you new adventure!

Other things you might need due to your relocation might be:

    • Bank account
    • Social security number
    • Insurance
    • etc.

We have lawyers and professionals ready to help you if needed.