University Europea Valencia – UEV

An international University endorsed by the European Higher Education Area

Universidad Europea de Valencia offers its students Bachelor’s Degree programs guaranteed by the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). The introduction of new Bachelor’s Degrees with a teaching methodology at the forefront of European education is just one example of our clear commitment to academic excellence.

Aware of the importance of language skills and an international perspective in your future career, Universidad Europea de Valencia uses an educational model with a strongly international approach. Studying languages in our Language Center, forming part of the prestigious worldwide network of Laureate International Universities, and enjoying exchange scholarships with more than 100 international universities, are just three aspects of this internationality.

Universidad Europea de Valencia is committed to ensuring the employability of its students ,with the Career and Placement Office (GOE) offering practical advice to help them pursue the most suitable job opportunities. The quality of this service is reflected in the excellent employment rates of Universidad Europea graduates, 90% of whom find employment within a year of leaving the University.

Universidad Europea de Valencia has cutting-edge facilities for the academic and professional development of its students and their competencies. The Urban Campus, located in the city center and in contact with the city’s professional activity, is easy to reach by public transport. The University Clinic offers 1,000 square meters of space where students carry out practical dentistry work supervised by the best practicing professionals.

We will help you STEP by STEP until you sit at your first lecture!


You’ll first need to let us know which program and university you wish to apply too,  by filling an application through our webpage.

In the application you’ll need to send a copy of your:

  • Final high-school degrees (or predicted degrees)
  • Passport

(It’s OK if you take a clear picture with your phone and send it to us)


You will receive online application forms from us

We have made it easy for you and you only need to fill in and sign them online


  • We will receive your forms automatically, you don’t need to send anything through post.
  • We will make sure you get registered at the program

Online tests

The university will arrange some online tests:

  • English language test (to get an understanding of your english level)
  • Self assessment test (to get a better profile of you as their future student)


The university needs to have telephone or skype interview with you.

We will book you interview.


To guarantee your place at the program you have to pay the university fees!

The ones you need to pay are:

  • ​Registration fee
  • ​Place-reservation fee

Remember, you are not guaranteed a place at the program until you have paid the university!

To be on the safe patch we recommend you to pay all fees ASAP.

Once the fees are paid, you are basically accepted into the program and do not need to worry about anything else.

You will receive information about upcoming monthly payment when you arrive to the University, but remember that you can pay per six months or yearly as well (you’ll have a 2% discount if you pay yearly).

Notarius Publicus

The English version of your final grade and your passport must be certified by your nearest notary (state attorney) in your city. Google it and pay them a visit (Save the receipts from them if you’re intending to apply for governmental funds).

You do not need an “apostle “, only authentication of the certificate and the passport. Once this is arranged, you must also certify your grades at UNED.

Validation of your degrees (UNED)

UNED is the Spanish equivalent of the ministry of education in your country. The certified copies that you now have from the Notary must be approved by the UNED before you can study at a Spanish University.

You can choose to perform the authentication yourself, through a Spanish company (costs at least 300€), or through us for only 200€, but we also offer to do this FOR FREE, if you find at least two friends who also want to start study in Spain.

Make some few calls and save 200€

Remember to save your UNED certificate – the certificate needs to be given to the university upon your arrival.
Deadline to the UNED application is 1st of August

* Regardless any fees to us a registration fee for UNED around 98€ will be added + postal charges to Madrid
*Please note that you’ve to pay the invoice of 200€ for UNED to us even if you intend to introduce 2 new students. Those you introduce need to get accepted by the university and pay all fees before we can refund your 200€.
* Unfortunately we can not give you more discount if you recommend more friends – but instead you’ll have more fun during your time in Spain with your recommended friends.


We will help you find something suitable.

Other stuff

We will always be just one phone call away to help and guide you in you new adventure!

Other things you might need due to your relocation might be:

  • Bank account
  • Social security number
  • Insurance
  • etc.

We have lawyers and professionals ready to help you if needed.

Welcome Party

We will arrange a welcome party to all our new students and you’re of course invited.

It’s a great opportunity for you to mingle and get to know other newcomers!