University of Debrecen

The proportion of international students arriving to participate in a full degree program is high at the University of Debrecen. During the 2014/15 academic year, there were 3,500 international students studying in one of the almost 40 English-language programs. The number of international students is especially high in medical programs, but engineering, science, agricultural, information technology, and business programs also attract an increasing number of students from outside Hungary.

From Brazil to Finland, from Italy to Korea, there are students from 99 different nations studying at the university, bringing diversity to the formerly homogenous student community. The city and the university do their best to help the integration of international students and to provide services matching their needs. The spectacular mixture of cultures, languages, religions, and traditions on the campus of the University of Debrecen shapes the attitude of Hungarian students while enriching the city at the same time.

Programs offered to international students