Entrance Exam for the Medicine Program

Applying for the medicine program at a university is often a process filled with exams, demands, and bureaucracy. This is unfortunately no different, but we have at least tried to simplify the process as much as possible and gather everything you need to know on one page.

By signing up here you will be linked to the application form and pre-inscriptions of University of Debrechen in Hungary.

The entrance exam will be held in Stockholm on 1st of December in Finladshuset konferens, Snickarbacken 4.

Follow the step by step guide found here and let us do the rest.

Application procedure Debrechen University

  • 1st December Finlandshuset,Snickarbacken 4, Sibeliussalen (Preliminary)
  • 15% discount on living at the Hotel Drottning Kristina for all who write the test
  • Basic writing equipment will be provided
  • Examination/Entrance fee of 350 USD
  • Application fee of 150 USD

All fees are non-refundable unless the exam is cancelled due to few applicants – In this case, everyone will be notified on 1/11. We do not recommend you to book travel and hotel before this date.

Documents Required

    The following documents need to be submitted during the application procedure:

  • Valid, filled-in and signed application form, we will help you with it.
  • Certificate of education in English (school leaving qualification, high school diploma, a document of graduation or any equivalent; university or college diploma/certificate or any equivalent);
  • Certificate or proof of citizenship and/or permanent residence (or passport);
  • In the case of Applicants applying to any of the Non-Medical Programs whose first language is not English, proof of English language proficiency;
  • Short Resume/CV
  • Register

    Just fill in the information needed at the bottom of this page and we will add you to the list of students who want to write the entrance exam.

  • Pay the exam fee

    The school want you to pay a fee to show that you are invested in the exam

  • Study with us!

    An entrance exam for the medicine program is often a rather complicated exam designed to test your abilities and knowledge in the fields of Biology, Math, Chemistry, and Physics. Luckily we have compiled a comprehensive collection of old exams and reference literature to offer you to increase your chances as much as possible.

  • Results

    Your results will be presented very shortly after you have written the exam. (Depending on the number of applicants, maybe even after just a few hours)

  • Acceptance

    This is when we get the final answer from the university if they want to accept you.

    It is only now that you will have to make the first payment, this payment is usually called a reservation fee but some variations to the name do occur. This fee is to be paid as soon as possible since it is the universities way to make sure that you as an applicant is invested in the university and is actually going to show up when the courses start.

The University of Debrecen Hungary.
It is the oldest continuously operating institution of higher education in Hungary (since 1538).

Study Medicine Abroad
To study medicine is a great dream for many and an even greater endeavor for the lucky few. Medicine studies classically reserved for only the best and brightest in society, the requirements and tests are rigorous for this reason. Medicine studies has because of this become a impressive challenge for the students, and for the universities a prestigious program often used to show the quality of the studies the university offer.  The most prestigious and often most attractive medicine programs are those offered by the old universities who offer a long standing tradition and connection to already active alumni for their students. The University of Debrecen is one of these universities. 

Here is your chance
The University of Debrecen has decided to hold an entrance exam in Stockholm Sweden together with us at Studyforabetterfuture later this winter. We have been granted a select few  positions that they will fill for this occasion. To apply here to write the test

– Well established Medical programs taught in English for international students since the 1700’s

– Nearly 4000 international students studying at the university.

– 5 times over Oscars Acclaimed students.

– Accommodation: students can choose to rent dormitories or private flats; student hostels are located in the campus area, and are primarily occupied by foreign students.

– Several University restaurants and canteens provide opportunity for students to have meals at the campuses throughout the year.

– Entrance exam to be written in Stockholm the 1st of December for course start either in February or September 2019. 

We look forward to seeing you in Stockholm

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